Department of Forestry Profile

Department of  FORESTRY


                 The department of forestry was started in the academic year 2007-2008. Itstarted with with approximately 10 students initially..

       Now it have 40 students with wellequipped laboratory. Recently Agriculture college from Rajahmundry visited forestrydepartment intheir part ofstudytour.



 Forests are the essential component of a healthy, sustainable, socially just and prosperous society with resilient and adaptable social and ecological systems

 Landscapes are structured to support trees, forests and living systems in and amongst human habitats

 Degraded ecosystems are restored and intact ecosystems are preserved

 People feel connected to nature and live with an awareness of their impact on the environment and its connection to their own health Mission:

 Maintain and enhance our leadership role in producing and communicating 


            Maintain and enhance our leadership role in producing and communicating knowledge that enables the sustainable management of the world’s forests

 Educate tomorrow’s leaders in forest conservation science, forest ecosystem management, forest governance and policy, and biomass utilization by

    building upon our excellent interdisciplinary research, teaching, and outreach


(i). Multiple products & services of Forestry

1. Forests provide multiple productsand services to different segments of the society

1. Timber

2. Fire wood

3.Watershed protection/Water regulation/flood control

4. Wood-basedindustries—Mediumdensityfiberboard,pulp,paperandfurniture





10.Carbon   Sequestration

11.Outdoorrecreation—hunting,aesthetics,    sightseeing,bird watching, traditionalresourceuseetc.

II)A source of raw materials for industry

• A source of fuel wood

• An agent fortheprotection ofwatersheds

• A place of unique natural beauty

• A sink forcarbon sequestration • A site for recreation, research and education

• A source offoreign exchange

• A place to hunt wild animals and birds for food • A space for alargeforest plantation

•A place forsettlement of poorpeople

•A place forgrazingandgrasscollectionSame Forest-differentvaluesfordifferentpeop