Department of Physical Education Profile


To engage in relentless pursuit of excellence in Physical Education and

Sports for Health, Fitness and Wellness of the citizens.


Quality teaching, learning and research in cognitive, psycho-motor and

affective domains in Physical Education and Sports.

Activities Of The Department

       The Department of the Physical Education tries of find the Tribal Students who are Born talented and enthusiastic to play

and gives training in Various Games.  They will be Provided with Nutritious food such as Eggs and Ragi malt to make Physical fit and Yoga Mental stabilities.

The main Aim of the Physical Education department is to show the talent Tribal students to outside world and help their Career.



  • Three Students namely  J.Chinnari – II- M.P.C,  B.Vijaya Lakshmi –III- B.Z.C,  M.Venkata Srinivas III B.A got selected  to participate Archery Inter University Competations at  Panjab.
  • Two students namely  V.Ratna Kumari-II-B.A, V.Durga Bhavani- I –B.Z.F, got selected to participated Fencing University Competations at Jammu.
  • Two Students namely B.Vijaya Lakshmi – III –B.Z.C, Ch.Suseela Devi – III-B.Com, got selected to participate Volleyball Senior Inter District at Palakoderu, West Godavari.
  • one  Student namely Ch. Sneha Santhosi – II- B.A, got selected to participated Volleyball Junior Inter Dirstict selection at Bobbili, Vijayanagaram district.