Department of Mathematics Profile

The Department of Mathematics is one of the oldest Department in the Govt. College, Ramapachodavaram–

The B.Sc course with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as combination was started in 1983

Department Profile

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects, it is used in every subject. In solving chemical equations,

solving physical equations, in the industry Mathematical equations, mathematics is compulsory.

In all Engineering subjects Mathematics is playing a major role. It is useful in daily life in every field. It is known as king of all subjects.



  • To centre stage Mathematical knowledge in the curriculum, instill analytical and logical thinking among the students and promote Mathematical thought as an important area of human thought.
  • To encourage students to conduct study projects and to develop their analytical and logical thinking.
  • The department develops calculating, computing critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving and formulating the skills for the upcoming Mathematicians.
  • Develop the student’s ability to intelligently communicate mathematical results in both written and oral, because the Mathematical background to succeed discipline in both academically and professionally.


       The department of Mathematics will offer course that the student learner develops the skills will able to contribute to today’s society.

The student will obtain abilities to critically assess the Mathematical and Statistical information.

The faculty members in this department motivate and stimulate the young Mathematicians to develop their knowledge and discipline,

students formulate strategies for solving problems acknowledge the importance of being intellectually curious thought for their adult lives.

In coming decade apart from strengthening the existing areas, the department intends to develop areas related to Mathematical aspects of scientific computing in all its manifestations.

Brief history of the Department:  

    The department was established in 1983.Since then, there are so many successful lecturers worked on

    Since 20-10-2021 the department has a lecturer SriY. Raja Sekhar with M.Sc., B.Ed., qualifications.

    He has 12 years of degree college experience.